11 Weeks Out

It’s been a good week everything has been on point. This week it was my birthday- as we are not having any cheat meals at this point I kept everything to plan.

I still celebrated my birthday with friends and went out but nothing deviating from the plan.

So now at 11 weeks out – here we are

As per the coaches orders this week we are not making any changes as everything is moving at a good pace.

Main Focus Now

  1. Still dropping body fat – at the moment for me no cheat meals. I am very fine with no cheat meals like this I keep my mind fully focussed and my routine the same. I work very well with structure same thing day in and day out.
  2. Shoulders are the area needing the most work – still I feel like this is the lagging part so working hard on this and my posing.
  3. My food is the same everyday at this point expect on my rest days. On my rest day I have carbs at breakfast only. I fast until 2 pm then start my meals – still fasted cardio before this.

My Standard Days Look Like This

M1 –

45g baby rice

2 whole eggs

6 egg whites

1 Apple


125g salmon


100g lean beef

10g coconut oil

M4 –

Pre Workout Meal

50g baby rice

65g berries

100g chicken


Post Workout Meal

150g rice

100g chicken


125g salmon

My cardio is 60mins HIIT Cardio fasted daily on stairmaster

I train 6 days a week

Posing 15mins every day either post cardio preferably if time permits otherwise after training.

Current training split is the same as previous weeks – I don’t change my plan too often.

The only thing I change is what I prioritise each week based on how my physique is looking.

Focus now to bring a nice capped shoulder – my weakest pose I believe is my front summery so this is what I am thinking about.

Saturday: Shoulders, Triceps

Sunday: Calves, Quads

Monday: Hamstrings, Glutes

Tuesday: Back, Rear Delts, Biceps

Wednesday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Thursday: Glutes

Friday: Cardio only

I also do extra glute work here and there during the week

Everything I do is higher volume.

Some exercises I will never miss.

My Saturday session I do heavier sets for my shoulders – but starting with many sets of really focused work on the medial delt. Many sets is around 8 but all about keeping contraction.

Quads is largely squatting movements various types. Some heavy straight sets and some drop sets. Starting here with 8-10 sets leg extensions both single and double working to keep balance in left and right quad.

Hamstrings always a combination of curling and stretching movements. With the addition of a couple glute exercises in.

Back more about making sure I cover all areas of the back with some movements more squeezy and others repping heavier weight. I start with full focus on rear delt 2 exercises, move to back, finish with 2-3 bicep.

Chest is 2 exercises maximum, then more focus on the Delts this session and finish with 3-4 triceps.

Glutes is mostly heavy compound movements. And some isolated kickback movements either start or finish or both.

My sessions go from about 1.5-2 hours

This is because I have many things to achieve each workout and right now I am loving it so much – glad to be back on the road to the physique stage!!

My supplementation is from Revive Middle East right now I have a larger stack due to the high demands of my body during prep.



Blood Pressure

After cardio shake

Daily greens




Meal 1

Immune multi

Digest aid


Meal 2


Womens Health

Digest aid

Meal 4

Pre workout

Immune multi



Digest aid

Meal 5

Post workout



Digest aid

Meal 6

Omega 3

Multi mineral

Digest aid

Before bed Shake

Daily greens




Other Supps

Lipo 6 fat burner

60mg Clenbuterol

Before Training

10g BCAAs

RedCon Pre workout

RedCon Pump

After Training

10g BCAAs

This weekend I had IV of VIT C & Glutathione.

I am getting 1-2 massages a week depending on how my body is feeling.

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