Hometown: Preston, UK
Birthday: Mar '92
Height: 5ft 6
Contest Weight: 212lb
Off-Season Weight: 240lb
Occupation: IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Coach & Business Owner
Residence: Dubai

About Me: I have a mixed family background coming from a Portuguese father and Egyptian mother; I thank them for the genetics!
I was always heavily involved in sport from a young age, competing at National Level as a teen in Football, Athletics and Rugby.
As I got older I started to realise that I actually enjoyed the training aspect of sports much more than playing the game, this is where I found my love for bodybuilding!
The gym was always my therapy, a place where I could go whenever I wanted to get away. I think that is why I have so much passion for the industry, as no matter what is happening in life, the gym is always there for you to clear your mind and re-focus.

Nutrition Principles: I believe in keeping things simple; clean, quality, whole foods have always worked great for me when it comes to contest prep or off-season. These days everyone is trying to re-invent the wheel, and I think this is why we see a lack of consistent condition on stages. Simplicity works, don’t over complicate things!

Training Principles: I’m a huge believer in hard work and intensity; nothing can beat persistent graft both inside and outside of the gym.
A lot of my training currently revolves around progressive overload using very strict form. As I have got older, I started to realise the importance of form and connecting with the target muscle rather than just loading the weight; connection and stimulation is key.

Current Goals (business/training/personal): I re-evaluate my personal goals regularly, once ticked off it’s a case of what is next for me?! My life is fast paced and my objectives change as they are accomplished, I’m all about continuous progression!

My Motivation: My motivation comes from my own self-belief and wanting to constantly better myself not only as a bodybuilder, but also as a person. I strive to excel in all aspects of my life.

Favourite Body Part: Arms
Favourite Prep Meal: Salmon and rice
Favourite Cheat Meal: Sushi
Career Highlights: Turning IFBB Pro in 2019

Favourite Quote: “If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success” ~ Will Smith


Hometown: London
Birthday: Aug '94
Height: 6 Ft
Contest Weight: 242lbs
Off-Season Weight: 282lbs+
Occupation: Online transformation coach for Contest Prep Clients, Lifestyle Clients & Competitive Bodybuilders.
Residence: UK

About Me: I have been helping transform physiques for 6 plus years, helping over 1000 people from all over the world. Working with everyone from general gym goers to bodybuilding British champions and a wide variety of physiques.

I am also a competitive bodybuilder weighing 128Kg+ in the off-season and approximately 110Kg on stage. I have ambitions to turn Pro under Jamie Do Rego’s guidance
I started training at 16 after quitting rugby and fell in love with the gym and have now been training for 10 years exactly. I adopt by far the most anabolic approach of high volume training.

I deem myself to be a highly motivated individual in any walk of life that I commit my self to. Whether its business, sports or anything which is slightly rewarding, I work my ass of to see the fruits of my labour as I believe with drive, hunger and hard work you can get anywhere in life!

I feel I have genetic potential on my side and within due time and years of graft and focus I will be able to show case something I am proud of and I’ll keep working towards that. It is that simple and nothing will get in the way.
I live and breathe training! I can’t function without it…. P.s Probably why I hate rest days!

Nutrition Principles: Keep it clean & enjoy wholefoods that digest well, it’s not about what you consume it’s about what you digest. I keep it old school, people get caught up in the latest social media fads.

Training Principles: I keep it simple, don’t marry one method, explore all rep ranges, master the barbell and more importantly nail form and earn the right to load the barbell!

Current Goals (business/training/personal): Turn pro, become a household name, online coach and well-known bodybuilder.

My Motivation: To be better than yesterday!

Favourite Body Part: To train its love hate with legs as its physically challenging but feels good when you make it to the other side. P.s I hate training arms!
Favourite Prep Meal: Steak & Avocado
Favourite Cheat Meal: Steak & Double chips and any salted caramel desert, maybe some sweets to end the night too.

Career Highlights: None as of yet but there will be – I am still climbing the ladder closer to my goals each day.

Qualifications: A Level – Sports, PT – 2 & 3

Favourite Quote: “Constant repetition carries conviction”

How did you get into fitness and competing? Ex Rugby player converted to bodybuilding - I have played all levels from amateur rugby to pro ranks, and even had paid university scholarships. I fell out of love with the sport and quickly fell in love with the weight room endorphins and the feeling you get from working out

How do you balance your social life and fitness life? It falls hand in hand, for me there’s no such thing as balance with it.


Hometown: Cork, Ireland
Birthday: Aug '88
Height: 5ft 11
 Contest Weight: 222lbs
Off-Season Weight: 260-270lbs
Occupation: Online Coach
Residence: Dubai

About Me: I have been bodybuilding now for 9 years, having started when I got injured from professional sport at the age of 23. I turned Pro in 2019 in the classic physique division winning the overall in New Zealand.

My livelihood revolves around fitness and nutrition along with my wife Becky who also competes and is an online coach.

We have lived in Dubai now for 5 years.

Nutrition Principles: Basic and consistent... no magic to it and don’t starve!

Training Principles: Execute basics correctly. I train with a variety of volume & progressive overload

Current Goals (business/training/personal): Business wise I’m not money motivated I just want to become a well respected coach, not have to worry about money and be able to train and do what I love whilst providing for my family.

Competing wise this year I want to get a top 3 at a Pro show and long term step on stage at the Olympia.

My Motivation: My motivation is myself, I have overcome a lot to get where I am today having battled through depression. Now I see everyday doing what I’m doing as a blessing.

Favourite Body Part: Legs! When I started out I had tiny legs so I’ve made it my mission to build an impressive set of wheels!
Favourite Prep Meal: Salmon & rice or cream of rice
Favourite Cheat Meal: Sushi

Career Highlights: Turning Pro in New Zealand 2019.

Qualifications: B.A in Economics, Masters in International Business, Masters in Sports Nutrition.

Specialities: Nutrition

Favourite Quote: "Live the life you love, Love the life you live." I have this tattooed on my wrist.

How did you get into fitness and competing?

I have always played as both my parents were professional athletes. Sport was my life and I played at the highest level in both hockey & rugby as well as pro football until u14. At 23 I suffered a career ending injury and discovered bodybuilding then as I was in the gym for rehab.

How do you balance your social life and fitness life?

I look at it very simply - I train, eat my meals and don’t think about it other than that so the rest of my time I put into work with clients and relax with my wife and friends. Year round be it prep or off-season, I generally have an off plan meal once a week and go out for Shisha regularly.


Hometown: Royston, Barnsley
Birthday: May '87
Height: 5ft 6
 Contest Weight:220lbs but will be more this time as I have no weight cap
Off-Season Weight: 260-270lbs
Occupation: Gym owner / multiple business owner / property developer / online coach
Residence: UK

About Me: I am a father of 2 beautiful children and a husband. My reputation and my word is everything I stand for in this world.

I’m a firm believer that hard work will eventually be rewarded.

I started competitive bodybuilding late at the age of 27yrs old. I am a 4 x British champion at several weight classes and have won several overalls and international shows.

I turned pro in 2019 after winning the 2bros British title and the overall and intend on doing my first pro show in the Open class in Alicante 15/08/21.

Nutrition Principles: Eat the food, that has worked for years. Basic clean foods and aim to prioritise your nutrition around your workouts.

Training Principles: Train fast / aggressive and heavy with short rest periods. I train weights twice a day and make sure my recovery is on point to compensate the output.

Current Goals (business/training/personal): I have a burger cafe named after my kids. The aim is to open several locations world wide. I also want to continue to grow my brand The Muscle Unit and to continue to progress as a pro athlete.

Training - To keep progressing at the current rate I’m doing so.

Personal goals - To continue to be the best role model to my 2 kids and give them everything they deserve in life

My Motivation: My motivation is my children, everything I do in life is for them.

Favourite Body Part: Legs – they are my most dominant body part and the body part that I’m known for.
Favourite Prep Meal: Baby rice in the freezer
Favourite Cheat Meal: Burger or sushi

Career Highlights: Turning pro in front of all my friends and family 2019.

Qualifications: Fully qualified master builder

Specialities: Property development

Favourite Quote: “Time waits for no man”

How did you get into fitness and competing?

Fitness is in my blood I come from a very sporty background, although no one in my family has been a bodybuilder, the competitive edge is in my blood

I came out of prison in 2013 and gave bodybuilding a shot and I’ve never looked back, it gave me discipline/focus and made me level up in all aspects of my life.

How do you balance your social life and fitness life?

Offseason - I train hard but if I want to eat out with my family I will so it doesn’t affect me at all. I know with the intensity I train at I can enjoy a normal life as well as making progress.

Pre contest - This time I’ve decided to move to Dubai to treat this as a training camp so everything is regimental. This is a job / career to me and I will do all I can to be the best I can be.


Hometown: El Paso Texas Born, Grew up in Australia
Birthday: Aug '83
Height: 5ft 6
 Contest Weight: 160lbs
Off-Season Weight: 176lbs
Occupation: Coach both Online & Face to Face
Residence: Dubai

About Me:

I have had a very colourful life, I’ve done many things but the biggest highlights have been finding Bodybuilding, Coaching people and my time in the Australian Defence Force.

I was in the Navy for 7 years before I became a Coach. I have been coaching people for the last 10 years and this is definitely where my true passion lies. I love what I do so much every day and I am truly blessed to be able to spend my life doing what I love. I have been training for bodybuilding for around 13 years but in the IFBB Pro League for 8 years.

I have 2 French Bulldogs who are my children and I love and live life for each moment!

Nutrition Principles: Follow the plan-whatever the goal, be consistent and more importantly develop a good relationship with food!

Training Principles: I am basic, I believe in time with the barbell mastering big compound lifts. Go heavy, have great technique, understand what you are doing and why. Follow progressive overload and also know when to deload and when to rest.

Current Goals (business/training/personal): To be honest I am not a big fan of sharing my goals or next moves openly. I like to work in silence. But…Pro Debut is on the cards.

My Motivation:

To keep improving and seeing change. This motivates me a lot.

My coach motivates me - not just as a coach but in all aspects of life.

My parents.

Favourite Body Part: Legs!
Favourite Prep Meal: Salmon and Rice or breakfast
Favourite Cheat Meal: Any dessert

Career Highlights: Turning Pro in 2019 definitely a highlight


Body Composition

Lifestyle change - mind and body

Improving lagging body parts

Favourite Quote: "Create the Life You Want" 

How did you get into fitness and competing?

In the Navy at Sea, I started training and I grew muscle easy and was quite strong naturally so I fell in love with training. I then decided to train for a competition and never stopped!

How do you balance your social life and fitness life?

I make sure I have a little bit of all. When it’s time to go hard I go hard, when it’s time to play I play. I know when to do what and I can flick the switch as I need to.


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